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January 10, 2016

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce and promote museum style online art exhibitions that give artists, art curators and arts-based entrepreneurs the opportunity to tell your stories, build international audiences and stand out from the crowd.

Our Values

  • We value artists and writers working to develop innovative personal styles
  • We value trans-disciplinary artists challenging the status quo through the creative work they do
  • We value individuals, societies, entrepreneurs, corporate entities and governments that honor artists and ensure fair and equitable access to economic security for artists
  • We value innovation thinking and arts based entrepreneurs working to improve business outcomes for artists

Written Agreements

Signed written agreements are required when 1) we are contracted to show and or sell art through New Intelligentsia Atelier art exhibitions or online venues 2  New Intelligentsia is contracted to provide research, design and business management consulting and mentoring services. Agreements detail decisions we make together about pricing, giveaways, sales shipping, taxes and copyright protections.

Copyright Protections

Artists, art curators and arts-based entrepreneurs retain copyright ownership of their art. Content contributors are responsible for establishing copyright protections for their work. See Creative Commons Licenses and the Standard YouTube License for more information.

New Intelligentsia Atelier is produced by Cynthia DuVal. All content on the site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Contributors claiming to own copyright protection for works we show in our exhibitions and sell in our online shop, who are found to be infringing on copyright protections owned by someone else, will be solely responsible for any legal action taken and/or fines arising from the possible infringement. New Intelligentsia Atelier will comply with legal inquiries and remove any content that is in question from our online properties.

If by some fluke we show copyright protected works without proper permission, please contact us and we will promptly address the issue.

Customer Service

Customer service is provided via our Contact Us menu at www.newintelligentsia.com. Customers may also leave us a message via phone at 503-957-5158. Please Dial 1-503-957-5158 when calling from international destinations.  Or, you may contact us via e-mail at cynthia@newintelligentsia.com.


We use PayPal and debit cards to sell art through our website.  Credit cards can also be be used through the PayPal Service.  Contact us through customer service if you would like to pay through other means. All purchases must be complete before products are shipped.

Invoices are used to bill consulting clients through PayPal.  Payments for consulting engagements are made in advance as per written consulting agreements. Contact us through customer service if you would like to pay through other means.

Product Shipping

Shipping from within the continental US to other locations withing the continental US is free for buyers.

Shipping to US territories and international destinations is paid for by buyers.  Contact customer service for packaging costs and shipping rates to international destinations.

Large works of art may require custom packing and shipping solutions. Contact customer service for pricing.

All art work being shipped to any location is insured for the full value of the work and is paid for by customers.

Product Returns

Product returns are accepted.  If you want to return your purchase, contact customer service within one week of delivery to make shipping arrangements.  Buyers are responsible to pay return packaging, shipping and insurance costs.

Customer Accounts

We do not offer managed customer accounts at this time. Let us know through our contact us form if this is a feature you would like us to provide.

Website Feedback

We welcome your feedback on our website, content, products and services.  You may use our Contact Us form, Twitter, Facebook, phone or e-mail to communicate with us.

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