New Intelligentsia Atelier is an art / design studio and service bureau for artists as well as a start up accelerator for arts-based entrepreneurs. We are in business to discover and create new opportunities for artists to learn, earn and thrive and are on a mission to catalyze success for contemporary artists including ourselves. See NIA learn, earn, thrive servies for artists & arts entrepreneurs below.  





Come Back to Art!

Come Back to Art is a virtual art practice program for artists. It is designed to help us create the space in our lives to make art even as we take care of our families, participate in our communities and pursue more reliable and lucrative careers. Let's change...

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Reading and Review Services for Indie Authors

Dear Indie Authors...  I love to read manuscripts and (memoirs, travel logs, novels and movie scripts) written by independent authors that are in-progress or maybe lost and languishing on the bottom of the close floor or computer file systems.      Last year I asked...

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Strategic Career & Business Planning for Artists

In our research with independent artists we often find that strategic planning for career and business advancement is lacking making it difficult to impossible for artists to focus on career and business development just at  the time when they are jumping...

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