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Here you will find rare and collectible contemporary art by emerging international artists Jaap Berghoef, Romanho, Ramya Sarveshwar and others. You will also find masterworks by Mario Murua, Alberto Jorge Carol and others through American art collector Rodney Derrick’s art sale.  

I invite you to take advantage of my art concierge services. I give personal search and sales assistance to help you find contemporary art made by emerging artists from around the world that will meet your needs.

  Let’s get your private online art show scheduled. Invite your friends! Let’s have some fun shopping for art together. 

Cynthia DuVal | Director at New Intelligentsia Atelier | Contact me


I am pleased to announce that New Intelligentsia Atelier is the exclusive sales agent for Romanho’s  digital art prints. I am showing and selling his digital art printed on archival paper in sizes that best suit your needs.  

Contact me to schedule your private showing of digital art by Chilean artist Romanho. You will have a great time! Invite your friends and see genius art that is as contemporary and as exciting as it gets. Be uniquely intelligent about art. Decorate your home or work space with exciting new art by Romanho. 

Britany 1 is from Romanho’s Celebrity Collection. You can see that it is a pop art masterpiece. All of Romanho’s digital art pices are custom printed on archival paper and are collectible. Brittany is available in small to very large sizes suitable for large open interior spaces. Contact me for a custom price quote on Brittany in the print size that meets your needs.  

Cynthia DuVal | Artist and Director at New Intelligentsia Atelier |  Contact Me

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