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Hello and welcome to New Intelligentsia Atelier.  

We are an art studio and research & design team on a mission to support and connect art students, emerging and professional artists, arts entrepreneurs and art audiences with each other and the world of opportunity. 

Contact me to schedule a conversation about the Learn | Earn | Thrive services and our gallery exhibition and collaboration opportunities designed to help you stand out from the crowd online, develop your audiences and achieve your goals.    

Cynthia DuVal | CEO at New Intelligentsia Atelier | 503-957-5158 | Contact me

Introducing Impressionist Photographer Jacob Berghoef

Wild is the wind by Jacob Berghoef

Foliage of light by Jacob Berghoef

Dance with me on a purple afternoon by Jacob Berghoef

 I am pleased to offer live virtual showings of select photographs chosen from Jacob’s vast portfolio of fine art photography. Our live virtual art show service is designed for individuals and groups to learn more about our artists and see a broader selection of their work as part of our art promotions and sales experience.  Contact me to schedule one of these events for yourself featuring Jacob Berghoef fine art photography.  

Cynthia DuVal | CEO at New Intelligentsia Atelier | 503-957-5158 | Contact me

Visit Rodney Derrick’s Art Collecting as a Passion and Splendid Addiction Exhibition and Sale

Art Collecting as a Passion and Splendid Addiction is our online exhibition of paintings from Rodney Derrick’s international collection of contemporary art. I invite you to visit the exhibition and sale and request your help sharing them with your friends, family and colleagues. When you do, you are supporting artists and the arts in a very meaningful way.

Art Collecting as a Passion features several paintings from Rodney’s collection of over 200 works of art. In addition, fifteen of Mr. Derrick’s paintings are for sale in our secure online shop.

Here Comes Spring (above of left) is one of three paintings by Cuban American artist Alberto Jorge Carol that are available for purchase. Several paintings Rodney purchased from Mario Murua and myself are also available for sale.

Enjoy!  Cynthia DuVal | New Intelligentsia Atelier | Contact me Buy Now

Visit Joyful Heart our Exhibition and Sale of Recent Paintings by Ramya Sarveshwar

Ramya Sarveshwar is a prolific California painter and is one of my favorite contemporary painters. Our online exhibition features recent landscape, still life and abstract paintings that burst with color and feeling. Visit her exhibition and our secure online shop where you will find 17 of Ramya’s signed original paintings for sale for unbelievably good prices.

Lake at Alameda (above or left) is an 11 x 14 inch oil on canvas painting by Ramya Sarveshwar. $135.00

Enjoy!  Cynthia DuVal | New Intelligentsia Atelier | Contact me  Buy Now

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