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Jacob Jaap Berghoef  |  Romanho  |  Ramya Sarveshwar 

Sanjay Gujrati  |  Mark Noble  |  The Rodney Derrick Collection


Visit Rodney Derrick’s Art Collecting as a Passion and Splendid Addiction Exhibition and Sale

Art Collecting as a Passion and Splendid Addiction is our online exhibition of paintings from Rodney Derrick’s international collection of contemporary art. I invite you to visit the exhibition and sale and request your help sharing them with your friends, family and colleagues. When you do, you are supporting artists and the arts in a very meaningful way.

Art Collecting as a Passion features several paintings from Rodney’s collection of over 200 works of art. In addition, fifteen of Mr. Derrick’s paintings are for sale in our secure online shop.

Here Comes Spring (above of left) is one of three paintings by Cuban American artist Alberto Jorge Carol that are available for purchase. Several paintings Rodney purchased from Mario Murua and myself are also available for sale.

Enjoy!  Cynthia DuVal | New Intelligentsia Atelier | Contact me Buy Now

Visit Joyful Heart our Exhibition and Sale of Recent Paintings by Ramya Sarveshwar

Ramya Sarveshwar is a prolific California painter and is one of my favorite contemporary painters. Our online exhibition features recent landscape, still life and abstract paintings that burst with color and feeling. Visit her exhibition and our secure online shop where you will find 17 of Ramya’s signed original paintings for sale for unbelievably good prices.

Lake at Alameda (above or left) is an 11 x 14 inch oil on canvas painting by Ramya Sarveshwar. $135.00

Enjoy!  Cynthia DuVal | New Intelligentsia Atelier | Contact me  Buy Now

Hello and welcome to NIA my art and innovation studio where I paint and produce interviews, online exhibitions, promotions, sales, events offer provide strategic career and business planning services for artists and arts entrepreneurs. 

I am inspired by all of the good work being done online and off to support artists and arts audiences through creative action and artist-centered innovations. The new arts ecosystem includes not only the traditional arts industry institutions that we love, admire and count on. There is a burgeoning system of emerging opportunities for independent artists that is co-evolving with new technologies and applications.  This is enabling independent artists to show and sometimes sell art works to niche audiences around the world like never before in history.  

But just because the Internet has enabled thid new arts ecosystem to evolve it is the passionate innovators working in the arts that are driving this stratospheric growth of opportunity.  But how well is it working for the majority of artists who plunk down their dollars for the chance to be seen and sold?  The answer is not very well so I ask myself everyday, how can we do better for the artists?  

There are still many things that remain problematic with our cultural orientation toward artists and our lifestyles. For one, we talk about loving art, or a work of art.  Nothing wrong with that.  However, upon deep reflection we must recognize that these abstract concepts don’t need our love.  It is the people who make art that need our love. So, I am going to suggest that #ILoveArt always be accompanied by #WeLoveArtists wheneever we are writing about art in social media. This simple shift in mindset communicated thrrough cultural means could potentially make a very big difference to artist’s well-being. 

Another thing. Financial success is not what motivates artists to create fine art.  If that were true, we would not have our beloved master Vincent Van Gogh and many many more deserving artists would cease to work and develop their body of work. Imagine the loss to humanity of all of this creative energy.  Instead, artistic motivation is intrinsic and the rewards are personal, psychological and cultural.  This said, to be an artist one must have the basic necessities required to continue living and working.  Artists need to earn money to take care of their families just like everyone else. So, the next time you feel compelled to tell the artists in your life to stop playing around with art and “get a job” here is what I hope you will do instead. Offer the a part-time job that pays a living wage.  Buy a painting or drawing you can afford from them.  Take them out to lunch.  Have a conversation about their art with them. Take their kids to the park for the afternoon.  Have them over for dinner.  Purchase their book. Hire them to help with your garden or paint your house.  What unique things can you think of that you can do for the artists you love this year?  Put an artist on your calendar and in your budget this year.  

Let’s make this the best year ever for artists by showing them in special and meaningful ways, how much we love and depend upon them to inspire, entertain and delights us.  

Here is to 2018!  Let’s make it a great year for artists!   If you are decorating or collecting, I will be happy to sell you art by Jacob Jaap Berghoef, Romanho, Ramya Sarveshwar, Sanjay Gugrati, Mark Noble, Alberto Jorge Carol, Mario Murua and myself.  

Cynthia DuVal | CEO & Producer at New Intelligentsia Atelier | 503-957-5158 | Contact me


Schedule a Live Virtual Show & Sale of Art by Our Artists 

NIA Studios produces live virtual art shows featuring art chosen from the portfolios of the artists we support. These events are designed to inform and entertain and are are perfect for individual and groups to learn more about up to the minute contemporary art.  Contact me for more information about our live virtual art shows and sales.

Cynthia DuVal | CEO at New Intelligentsia Atelier | 503-957-5158 | Contact me

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