New Intelligentsia Atelier Learning Adventures with Cynthia DuVal are art and innovation experiential learning projects. They are designed to facilitate and support planning, execution and completion of strategic learning goals while cultivating a healthy sense of self, community and work/life balance.

Book Club Services for Authors and Readers

Book club services are designed to help readers and book club organizers find brilliant independent authors they have never heard of and vice versa. I love to read manuscripts and find self-published books people have written that are packed quietly away in closets,...

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We Produce Online Art Exhibitions and Sales

New Intelligentsia Atelier produces online art exhibitions, sales and branded promotions for artists, arts loving organizations and arts-based entrepreneurs. These consulting engagements are customized to meet client needs. Let's talk about what you want to do....

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Coaching Services for Creative People

One of the challenges we face as independent artists is learning to speak about our work and finding people to engage in meaningful conversations with us about our art. Many artists work in relative isolation. Family and friends and even patrons say they like our work...

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Schedule a Virtual Coffee with Me

Would you like to schedule a virtual coffee to tell me about your projects and goals and & discuss how I can help you? Click below to pick a time that works for you and I’ll phone you at the day and time you choose. Thanks!

Cynthia DuVal | 503-957-5158


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